Singapore chicken rice: Where Every Bite is a Flavorful Journey!

Singapore's HeartBeat On a Filipino Beat

Come experience the essence of a Singaporean tradition with our signature Singapore Chicken Rice. Each bite is made using delicious tender chicken and rice that comes with an essence of tradition. Order Singapore Chicken Rice today and enjoy the authentic flavours in the comfort of your own home.

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Reliving History with Authentic Singapore Chicken Rice

Explore the sumptuous palette of Singapore cuisine at our restaurant. Genuine Hainanese Chicken Rice with great history and taste. Come and taste classic fusion of culture and cuisine as we celebrate the age-old presence of Hainanese immigrants in our palates.

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Your Gateway to Authentic Singaopre Chicken Rice

Visit your eatery to enjoy an original flavour of Hainanese Chicken Rice. Quality assured, a cultural treat with ecological concerns. Good food is not all; it’s enjoying cultural history and conserving nature. Make us your choice for a rewarding dining experience.

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What Our Customer Say About Us

"Loved the chicken rice here! The chicken was soft and the rice was really tasty. It felt like I was in Singapore for a while. The place is nice and the food is awesome. Will come back for sure!"

Elvis Goh Member K&W Cuisine

"The chicken rice is amazing! It’s fresh and full of flavor. I also like that they care about the environment. It's a good place to enjoy a meal and learn a bit about Singapore’s food. Highly recommend!"

Catherina Tan Member K&W Cuisine